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3 1/2 inch gauge "Petrolea" chassis - stock code 2951

I've always promised myself that, when I'm in my dotage, I'm going to have a warm, tidy little workshop in the house somewhere where I'll build nice, small, manageable things. I've never quite made up my mind what I would build, but two of LBSC's designs particularly appeal - one is "Mabel", his take on the LNWR Jumbos. The other is "Petrolea", his design for a Great Eastern T19 published in the "Model Engineer" in 1943 - it was the second longest running LBSC series ever, so if you're looking for a project with comprehensive building instructions, this is probably the one you need.

This is a nicely made chassis, complete up to running board level. Worksmanship looks to a high standard throughout - it has, however, a slight tight spot at one point when turning the wheels over by hand. I think that careful fettling before running in on air would sort this out.

Drawings and castings still available from Reeves.

Length 21 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch