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3 1/2 inch gauge part-built Duchess - stock code 4000

A well-advanced 3 inch gauge LMS Duchess to the Clarkson design and using their castings. The engine has been over thirty years in the making so far, it needs a good push to get it finished!

Commercially-built combustion chamber boiler by Tame Valley Models, silver-soldered throughout with builders initial twice pressure hydraulic test certificate its been tested at 200psi for 100psi working. Much of the backhead is fitted out, including four safety valves, water gauge, regulator and sliding firehole door assembly.

Work on the chassis to date includes wheels all turned, there is a welded crank axle assembly with wheels loosely fitted, all cylinders and valves machined and fitted, outside connecting rods fitted. Included in a box of loose parts are the inside connecting rods and crosheads, coupling rods and twin-ram axle pump.

Platework comprise running boards, smoke deflectors and a 75% completed cab, nicely made and rivetted with channels fitted for window sliders.

There is a box of sundry odds and ends, unmachined castings, brass sheet and completed parts, including a set of name and number plates, drain cocks and double chimney.

Tender is 75% complete.

There is a set of Clarkson drawings, several reduced copies of original works drawings including a general arrangement and a large quantity of detailed black and white photographs of the full-size engine. Complete with wooden storage crates for locomotive and tender.

gauge 3 1/2 inch