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3 1/2 inch gauge part-built Britannia - stock code 4888

A well-advanced 3 inch gauge Britannia to LBSCs design, comprising a complete rolling chassis with water pump, lubricator, steam brake cylinder, all motionwork and valve gear, draincocks, smokebox assembly and cab all painted to a high standard and a completed, painted tender.

Machining work is to a good standard, there are nicely done detail touches like tiny castellated nuts on the valve gear.

The silver-soldered copper boiler had just passed its initial club twice pressure hydraulic test and comes with certificate for same quality is excellent, its a beautifully made thing.

I had a good Britannia to this design in a year or two ago, there are some pictures in the archive here this one has all the potential to end up a similar quality engine.

Complete with a set of drawings.

gauge 3 1/2 inch