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3 1/2 inch gauge "Maisie" with patent boiler - stock code 3840

A Great Northern Atlantic, built in the main to LBSC's "Maisie" design although under the cladding, things get radically different...

The work of a highly prolific model engineer, this was built to test out a boiler design on which he had taken out a patent. The main running gear is entirely conventional (and well made), the boiler comprises a coal-fired grate underneath what is effectively a monotube boiler. I've had a good look at it and, to be honest, can't see the novel leap which made it patentable over any other flash-type steam raiser, but somebody better informed than I will, no doubt, let us know.

With a replacement boiler it could easily be converted into a throughly decent (though same as all the others) Maisie. It would be nice to think that somebody as individual-minded as the original builder could take it on "as is" and develop it to a running engine. And if so, I'd like a go when it's finished please.

gauge 3 1/2 inch