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3 1/2 inch gauge LNER B1 - stock code 4389

A well-made, finely detailed LNER B1 in 3 ½ inch gauge – first one we’ve had in amongst dozens of five inch gauge “Springboks”. This is an older engine, built by a lady’s father in the 1970s and stored in her attic for many years.

It’s recently re-emerged and, whilst the paintwork is atrocious, the underlying engineering is to a high standard, it runs beautifully. It has a steel boiler pressed to 80psi which has just had a twice working pressure hydraulic test, it’s in good order.

A complete strip and repaint job this one, but with the potential to make a very fine model. Detailing and proportions of the engine overall, in particular the cab, are very much more faithful to the original than the 5 inch gauge design.

Locomotive 28 inches
Tender 18 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch