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3 1/2 inch gauge LNER Atlantic "Maisie" - stock code 1626

A nicely made 3 1/2 inch gauge Great Northern Atlantic, in my opinion one of the finest-looking engines this country ever produced!

The boiler has been removed from the chassis though is complete with fittings and superheater. The smokebox saddle is missing and the tender hand pump handle has fractured in the middle. There is some pipework with the engine and an injector which requires refitting. Other than that, the engine seems to be complete - it requires cleaning and reassembling.

36 inches overall length including tender

22 March - Update

In response to many requests for information about the general condition of this engine and the boiler in particular, we spent half a day on this engine in the workshop yesterday.

The boiler was hydraulic tested, initially to 180 psi (twice working pressure) before holding 135 psi (150% WP) for 15 minutes. There is no sign of leakage from tubes or stays. For the test the main steam pipe to the cylinders and side feed clacks were blanked off.

The regulator, blower and gauge blowdown valves were freed off before reassembling the boiler onto the chassis. We fired it this morning, kindling on wood before moving onto steam coal. It raised steam from cold in about 15 minutes, the safety valve releasing at 90 psi and holding the pressure to that with the blower on.

The engine runs very well in both directions. With the reversing lever in next-to-middle notch the exhaust is virtually inaudible.

Work required includes making a new smokebox saddle - either from a casting or fabricated. Piping up the axle pump and tender pump. Replacing various small nuts and screws. Refitting cab and running boards. New blastpipe nozzle.

To be honest, it's such a nice little engine there's a strong temptation to finish it off over the weekend and use it for a while!

gauge 3 1/2 inch