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3 1/2 inch gauge Juliet - stock code 3364

A "Juliet", LBSC's beginner's design of the 1950s, somewhat overshadowed by "Tich" when it came out (although a smaller engine I think it had higher "cute" factor). I think they make an ideal start to engine driving, indeed it's what Sam, my eldest boy, started with.

Silver-soldered copper boiler with superheaters, working pressure 80psi, feed by axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in tank. Gunmetal cylinders, slide valves actuated by Stephenson's reversing gear with pole reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator.

From inspection of the motionwork and inside the boiler, this engine appears to have had very little use - the chalky smears you can see at odd places around the backhead appear to be Brasso, which has obviously been used with enthusiasm over the years, I suspect it spent most of its life on a bookshelf. The build standard is good, fit and finish of the motionwork is to a decent standard and the boiler looks suspiciously like a commercially-built one, given the fit of the plates, test stamps on the foundation ring and extremely frugal use of silver solder.

The boiler has had a hydraulic test and is in good condition, the motion runs on air. It's missing its handpump handle and grate, although I keep stainless steel grate in stock "on the roll" as it were, so it's simply a matter of cutting a suitable size bit off.

gauge 3 1/2 inch