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3 1/2 inch gauge "Jubilee" 2-6-4T - stock code 3869

I sold this one back in 2009 - just come back along with a Black 5 in part exchange for a 5 inch gauge locomotive. Photographs are from last time, it's in much the same condition now.

A beautifully-built Stanier 2-6-4T to Martin Evans' "Jubilee" design. I bought this engine from the builder, it is in fine mechanical condition and is complete with a purpose built carrying crate.

Silver-soldered copper boiler, working pressure 80psi, feed by injector and axle pump with hand pump in the rear bunker (one of several modifications the builder made from Evan's original design).

Slide valve cylinders with Walschaert's valve gear, pole reverser in cab. Variable delivery mechanical oil pump mounted below smokebox door, draincocks operated from cab.

Paintwork was well-done originally and in good condition - Steve and I think it's exactly the right amount of gloss for a model, not too shiny but not the dead-flat matt sported by many "fine scale" models.

Length 36 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch