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3 1/2 inch gauge dismantled "Maisie" - stock code 2847

Another of those well-intentioned restoration projects that ends up with a rather nicely made engine in bits, with some of those bits gone AWOL.

3 1/2 inch gauge Atlantic to LBSC's super "Maisie" design (I speak as a satisifed Maisie owner). It's got the combustion chamber boiler which actually looks in pretty good nick, the chassis was made nicely when first built and most of the bits are there to put it all together again. Bits I have noted missing are:

  • Most of the boiler fittings, injector, gauges, safety valves etc
  • Connecting and coupling rods
  • Smokebox door locking bar

There's no safety valve cover, although I've got a spare casting kicking about for one if you remind me.

gauge 3 1/2 inch