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3 1/2 inch gauge dismantled Black 5 - stock code 5433

This decent little "Doris" had, until recently, been happily batting around the track each Sunday until a blown superheater required a spot of attention in the workshop. Possibly going a little further by way of disassembly than we normally do when replacing superheaters (we don't normally split the frames and remove wheels from axles, corner-cutters that we are here), it has now ended up as what appears (and the previous owner assures us is) a complete Black 5 - in a bucket.

Whilst it could be put back together for little expenditure other than time (there's even a new set of stainless steel superheaters to do the job), now is obviously a pretty good time to give it some cosmetic attention as well. The engine was running last year when it had both hydraulic and steam tests at the club, the hydraulic certificate runs until 2015.

gauge 3 1/2 inch