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3 1/2 inch gauge Clarkson A2/2 - stock code 3804

A well-advanced LNER A2/2 Pacific, built to an excellent standard. The three cylinder chassis is complete, gunmetal cylinders with slide valves actuated by three sets of Walschart's gear, compensated brakes with steam cylinder fitted at rear of frames, working Cartazzi truck with leaf springs. Copper boiler with brazed seams, nutted and calked firebox with combustion chamber. Tender chassis with working leaf springs and the tiniest oilers with hinged lids I've ever seen, complete with brass cut out for tank.

There is a collection of photographs of the engine in build - I suspect going back forty or fifty years. They include one picture of the boiler in steam, blowing off at the safety valves, whilst being fired over the gas cooker. Presumably the builder picked a day when the wife was in town...

I've put a lot of pictures of this one up - the detail work repays close study, from the twin cylinder oscillating oil pump to the delicately formed smoke deflectors fastened on with 12BA screws.

A fine engine, similar in quality to the 3 1/2 inch gauge V2 I had in recently.

gauge 3 1/2 inch