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3 1/2 inch gauge Britannia - stock code 2677

3 1/2 inch gauge Britannia to LBSC's design, published in "Model Engineer". Silver soldered copper boiler with superheater, feed by injector and axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in tender. Gunmetal cylinders, piston valves actuated by Walschaerts valve gear, screw reverser in cab. Drain cocks operated from cab, mechanical lubricator. Driving axles running on roller bearings, as per prototype (which means that, given half chance it rolls off down the bench as soon as you take your eye off it).

It's just had a new test, hydraulic certificate valid to July 2010, steam test to August 2007.

Locomotive 36 inches
Tender 18 inches

Weight approx 100 pounds


Clip 1 - just coming up to working pressure (alright, so I haven't worked out how to rotate video yet!)
Clip 2 - safety valve accumulation test
Clip 3 - running, offside
Clip 4 - axle pump return
Clip 5 - running, nearside
Clip 6 - driving wheels

gauge 3 1/2 inch