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3 1/2 inch gauge Black 5 - stock code 2151

3 1/2 inch gauge model based on Stanier's Black 5 to LBSC's "Doris" design. As usual with LBSC he couldn't stop himself twiddling with the details - particularly his speciality, valve gear - so here you have Baker valve gear, one of his favourites (although never seen on one of Sir William's originals).

Copper superheated boiler, nutted and calked firebox stays. Feed by axle pump, injector and auxiliary hand pump in tender. Piston valve cylinders actuated by Baker valve gear with mechanical lubricator between cylinders, eccentric driven from front driving axle. Wheels quartered and pinned, compensated steam brakes.

LBSC's design came out in 1948, this engine probably isn't much younger. Horrendous paintwork, very grubby motionwork (although oil varnish rather than corrosion), battered cab roof, missing grate, ashpan and rear top panel for the tender. Otherwise complete, it runs well on air - the motionwork is in surprisingly good order for its age.

Locomotive 30 inches
Tender 18 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch