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2 inch scale Shand Mason fire engine - stock code 8762

A 2 inch scale Shand Mason fire engine, modelled on the engine preserved at Normanby Park. A highly detailed design based on the builder's extensive research, measurement and photography of that engine.

It includes a working bell, authentic (if somewhat Heath Robinson) handle-driven steam raising blower and Shand Mason expansion gear.

Copper J-tube silver soldered boiler is nicely made and comes with original club hydraulic test certificate for twice working pressure when new - it remains unsteamed. It's come to us from the family of the late builder, an experienced model engineer and club boiler inspector. It has been in store in its purpose built crate for many years - engine is seized, there is light surface rust on some parts as shown.

scale 2 inch
length/inches 24
width/inches 11
height/inches 16
weight/kg 10
boiler number N16-50-291
working pressure/psi 50
boiler type Shand Mason J-tube
boiler material copper
boiler construction silver-soldered
hydraulic test valid to 6-Oct-1993