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2 inch scale "Pride of Penrhyn" steam wagon - stock code 7306

A 2 inch scale kit-built steam wagon "Pride of Penrhyn", somewhat grubby and missing the front cab sheet. Runs on air, it would make a good running restoration project - we've had lots of these through the works over the years, they can be made into quite a decent engine. Bigger and rather easier to fire and drive than the ubiquitous 2 inch scale Clayton wagon.

Silver soldered copper boiler, 90psi working pressure, feed by injector and mechanical pump, there's a hand pump in the water tank. Cylinders are in cast iron, Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser, mechanical lubricator. Transmission is two speed with chain drive to a layshaft-mounted differential, thence by chain to the back axle.

scale 2 inch
length/inches 49
width/inches 16
height/inches 20