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2 inch scale part-built "Minnie" - stock code 2515

A superbly-built traction engine to Len Mason's "Minnie" design, doubled up to 2 inch scale. The work of a professional engineer who spends much of his working hours restoring full size traction engines, this project has had to go to make way for a 6 inch scale engine which is currently under build (not to mention an Austin 7 Ulster Special also in for attention).

Work to date comprises:

Professionally-built silver-soldered copper boiler
Wheels complete with rubber tyres
Smokebox, perch bracket, front axle assembly
Rear axle
All gearing
Winch drum
Steering gear machined and fitted
Cylinder block machined and fitted, valve chest machined
Crankshaft, connecting rod and piston machined and fitted
Valve eccentric sheaves machined and fitted
Tender complete and fitted
Water pump machined ready for fitting, pump eccentric sheave machined and fitted to crankshaft

In addition there is a new mechanical lubricator, part-completed draw bar and weighshaft casting.

Work to complete includes motion work - valve eccentric straps, rods, expansion link, valve rod and valve - boiler plumbing and platework (including boiler cladding and gear guards). All remaining work can be completed on modest sized machinery - all the big stuff is done.

A well-thumbed copy of Len Mason's book on building the engine is included which contains drawings and very detailed blow-by-blow construction details.

Length 39 inches
Height 24 inches
Weight currently approx 100 pounds

scale 2 inch