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2 inch scale part-built Fowler DCC Showmans engine - stock code 4131

A part-built 2 inch scale Fowler Showmans engine to the Plastows "Princess" design. The engine hasn't been worked on for many years, however there is a substantial amount completed.

Work to date is to a good standard and comprises:

Set of wheels built, complete with rubber tyres
Part-built copper boiler, with flanged plates
Front axle, perch bracket and smokebox assembly, complete with chimney, smokebox door, locking bar, dynamo bracket
Tender and crane fitted, complete with fairleads and brake gear
Crankshaft fitted, complete with connecting rods, big end straps and cotters
Flywheel machined, bored, keyway cut
Set of valve eccentric sheaves and straps
All gearing cut and fitted to shafts, including differential
Cylinder block bored and machined to fit boiler, complete with pistons and end covers
Weighshaft bracket erected complete with guide bars and crossheads
Grate and ashpan
Set of brass boiler cladding sheets cut and formed
Brass bell tank, complete with steering gear
Canopy, complete with extension chimney, brass olivers

There is a liberal coating of oily grime over everything and light surface rusting in parts which cleans off easily.

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