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2 inch scale Fowler BB1 ploughing engine - stock code 6176

A 2 inch scale Fowler BB1 ploughing engine, built to the John Haining design - it's come direct from the builder's family and has been unused for many years.

Commercially-built silver soldered copper boiler by Bishop-Ellis with manufacturer's original hydraulic test certificate - the engine has had a hydraulic test in the last month, boiler is sound. 80psi working pressure, feed by mechanical pump and injector. Cast iron compound cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear, mechanical lubricator. Two speed transmission, underslung winch drum with drive by bevel gears from crankshaft.

The engine was nicely made in the first place but now needs a variety of odds and ends doing, including resetting the valve eccentrics. A worthwhile project - even in 2 inch scale this comes out as a massive engine.

Complete with crate on castors, steam-raising blower, set of drawings and pictures of the engine in build and in use when new. If you need inspiration to get down the workshop, we've recently sold another one which impressed with just how well it went - there are pictures and some video of that one in the archive.

Hydraulic test @120psi, 1-July-2014

scale 2 inch
length/inches 114
width/inches 42
height/inches 64