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2 inch scale Fowler A7 agricultural engine - stock code 6113

A particularly well-made example of MJ Engineerings 2 inch scale Fowler A7 design, the work of a man who spent his working life as a plumber - it shows in his silver soldering, the boiler is as nicely made as many of the commercial jobs we see.

Underneath the not terribly good paintwork is a finely made model, machining is to a high standard, fit and finish of the motionwork is very good. There is nice attention to detail throughout, tender platework is well formed and neatly rivetted.

Complete with a small box of parts including boiler cleading, spun material for gear guards and steering chains, a set of drawings and copies of the construction series from "Engineering in Miniature" magazine.

The engine runs beautifully on air with crisp, well-defined exhaust beats, it will notch up close to mid gear - there's a short clip of it here.

Length 34 inches
Width 14 inches
Height 23 inches

scale 2 inch