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2 inch scale Clayton Wagon - stock code 6690

A 2 inch scale Clayton steam wagon, the work of an experience model engineer responsible for many other stationary engines, locomotives, traction engines and clock - amongst them the Galloway's non-dead centre, Westbury diagonal paddle, Corliss tandem compound and "ME" beam engines we've recently sold.

Silver soldered copper boiler by Cheddar, 100psi working pressure, feed by injector and mechanical pump with auxiliary hand pump in the water tank. Twin cylinder engine with slide valves actuated by Joy gear. Mechanical lubricator. The engine has been fitted with speed reduction using an intermediate shaft and second drive chain, a useful modification which makes these engines considerably more capable passenger haulers.

The Clayton was test steamed when new, since when it has only been run on air in the builder's back garden - there's a clip of it here. It remains in as-new condition throughout.

Engine 34 inches
Trailer 43 inches

scale 2 inch