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2 inch scale Clayton steam wagon - stock code 5078

A 2 inch scale Clayton steam wagon to the popular design by Robin Dyer, this one sensibly modified with layshaft to reduce the gearing, which we've found makes the engine considerably more manageable and less liable to eject most of its fire up the chimney if you're a bit cack-handed with the regulator.

Silver soldered copper boiler which looked ok on hydraulic test, no sign of any leaks or distortion. Feed by engine-driven and hand pumps with an injector under the offside cab floor. Twin cylinder engine, blocks are in gunmetal with slide valves, pole reverser in cab. Transmission is by two chains with a differential in the rear axle.

The engine has been on display for some time and the water pump has seized - with that disconnected the engine turns over freely.

Complete with articulated trailer.

Tractor 30 inches
Trailer 40 inches

scale 2 inch