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2 inch scale Burrell Gold Medal tractor - stock code 6689

A 2 inch scale Burrell Gold Medal tractor, built over a ten year period by a highly experienced engineer, the man responsible for the collection of stationary engines recently sold, including the Galloway's non-dead centre, Westbury diagonal paddle, Stuart triple expansion, Corliss tandem compound and "ME" beam engines.

Commercially built silver soldered copper boiler by R.Chambers, 80psi working pressure. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, pole reverser. Mechanical lubricator, Pickering governor and whistle mounted on cylinder block. Water lifted mounted on offside belly tank. Three shaft, two speed transmission with differential, winch behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads on tender. Flywheel brake and screw down parking brake acting on rear wheels.

Test steamed when first built, it has been run on air since (there's a clip made of it by the builder here) - it remains in good mechanical order. Nicely painted and well detailed, it's even got a scale hammer in the toolbox.

scale 2 inch