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2 inch scale Burrell DCC Showmans Road Locomotive - stock code 7521

We sold this engine back in 2007 - it had come direct to us from the builder, new and unsteamed at that time. Once of the nicest examples Id seen back then, it sold to a gentleman well into his retirement who had always wanted a traction engine. Its recently come back in from his son who inherited the engine apparently its been steamed on a handful of occasions, although for much of the last ten years it has simply been admired as a display piece in the owners home.

Other than a few light steamings, its in the same condition now as it was in 2007 canopy still to be fitted. Words and photographs below are from 2007.

One of the best examples Ive seen of Ronald Clarkes design Thetford Town, an accurate scale model of the Burrell 8nhp DCC Showmans Road Locomotive. The engine has been stored for many years and appears never fully to have been finished there are no dynamos fitted, although there are a set of castings to case a standard Lucas dynamo and the canopy has never been fitted with lights.

Silver-soldered copper boiler, working pressure 120psi, firing either by gas or coal there are interchangeable grates. Feed by injector and crankhaft-driven pump, twin Ramsbottom safety valves.

Compound cylinder with slide valves actuated by Stephensons gear, pole reverser on footplate, double-high valve mounted on regulator. Mechanical lubricator. Four shaft transmission with three road speeds, differential. Screwdown brake operating on rear wheels, with additional flywheel brake.

Fit and finish is excellent, the machining very crisp throughout. Attention to detail is very good notice the absolutely equal length showing on all the cylinder block flange and valve cover studs,

There is what appears a very venerable sheet of typewritten paper giving firing and driving instructions for the engine. The boiler has had a twice working pressure test and is sound, the engine runs absolutely beautifully.

There is a canopy, complete with all olivers ready to bolt on the top has been varnished in the past, which has yellowed and really needs stripping. There is a small crack around the crane cutout at the rear.

Complete with a box of bits, including gas burner and coal grate and swingle tree.

scale 2 inch
length/inches 46