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2 inch Burrell 8nhp DCC Showmans road locomotive - stock code 7879

An exceptionally well 2 inch scale Burrell 8nhp Scenic Showmans road locomotive, finely detailed throughout. Standard of machining is particularly good fit and finish of the motionwork is excellent, silky smooth to turn over it runs very well on air - there's a clip of it in the workshop here.

The builder has gone to great lengths to make the model authentic to prototype; things like the proportion of rear wheel rims and tee rings stand out - they can be oversized on models of this scale, resulting in a slightly clumsy, heavy looking component, on this engine they've been built to scale size and look all the better for it.

Boiler had a twice working pressure shell test and has club certification for same - the engine appears to have been test steamed - probably once only, going by the colour of smokebox and firebox. Given condition of the boiler, motion and (unmarked) tyres, we suspect this one has been occasionally run on air - it's mechanically as-new.

The engine has come to us from a long-time customer, a man who has had several fine engines from us in the past, now down-sizing his collection. The Burrell has been on display in his house since he bought it in 2015 - "too good to steam" in his opinion!
scale 2 inch
length/inches 46
width/inches 17.5
height/inches 24
cylinder material cast iron
valve type slide
valve gear Stephensons
reverser type pole
governor type Pickering
lubricator type mechanical
injector(s) 1
boiler number BSS-2007
year built 2007
boiler maker Ray Vickers
CE mark n/a - non-commercial
working pressure/psi 90
boiler type locomotive
boiler material copper
boiler construction silver soldered
hydraulic test valid to 31/Jul/19
safety valve(s) 2
safety valve type Ramsbottom
mechanical pump 1
road speed(s) 3
differential yes