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2 1/2 inch scale Fowler Showmans engine - stock code 1583

2 1/2 inch scale Fowler B5 3-speed compound road locomotive. In this scale a Showmans Engine makes a large yet manageable engine at four feet long and weighing around 350 pounds. The model is well-detailed with working winch and crane. Wheels are straked rear with rubber tyres on all four.

Fitted with professionally-built steel boiler by Valentine Engineering, tested to 200 psi for 120 psi working pressure. The boiler includes comprehensive documentation including initial hydraulic test, material specification and all recent test certificates. Water feed by a second shaft driven pump and injector. There is an auxiliary hand pump fitted to the tender. Water is carried beneath the tender floor and in the underslung belly tank.

The engine is a true compound with prototypically-correct inclined valve chests, Stephenson's reversing gear and twin mechanical lubricators mounted above the motionwork immediately behind the cylinder block. There is a spring-loaded double-high (or simpling) valve, operated from the footplate. Draincocks are fitted, cross-linked across the front of the block to operate all four drains.

Paintwork is fair to good.

The engine is ready to run, complete with firing irons, tube brush, dynamo belt and driving trolley.

Length 49 inches
Height 29 inches

scale 2 inch