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2 1/2 inch scale Avery undermount traction engine - stock code 8212

We sold this one last year, it's recently come back in with an Atkinson wagon from the same owner who is rationalising his projects collection - something to do with more engines to rebuild than years left (I think I'm starting to know this feeling...).

Pictures opposite and words below are from last time it was here, it's in pretty much exactly the same condition now.

An unusual model of an American Avery undermount traction engine. The work of a prolific modeller (he also built, among other things, the Fowler DCC road engine we currently have in), this one started out inspired by a picture in a magazine.

In working up drawings, the builder was fortunate to make contact with a man in the States who lived 100 miles away from a preserved example and was more than happy to drive over to measure and photograph the full-size engine.

Technically interesting, it's very different to what we're used to in an English traction engine! There's a steel locomotive type boiler, set high on a girder frame, with a pair of cylinders working beneath. The two road speeds are engaged by separate dog clutches, one each end of the second shaft and driving through a differential to the back axle.

A big engine in full-size, this 2 1/2 inch scale model is nearly five feet long and weighs getting on for 400 pounds. I particularly like the steering which works through a reduction gearbox - very light to operate, smooth in operation.

Unused for some years, the boiler has some old club paperwork - the last certificate expired in August 2018. The engine runs, although there is some work to do by the builders own admission for running in reverse, when the weighshaft tends to tilt back into mid gear.

length/inches 55
width/inches 25
height/inches 27
cylinder material cast iron
valve type slide
valve gear Woolf
lubricator type mechanical
boiler number GE6
year built 2002
boiler maker G Ellerby
CE mark n/a - non-commercial
working pressure/psi 80
boiler type locomotive
boiler material steel
boiler construction welded, expanded tubes
hydraulic test valid to 3-Aug-2019
steam test valid to 3-Aug-2018
safety valve(s) 1
safety valve type spring
mechanical pump 1
hand pump 1
steam pump 1
road speed(s) 2
differential yes