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2 1/2 inch gauge "Flying Scotsman" - stock code 3569

A 2 1/2 inch gauge LNER A1/3 Pacific "Flying Scotsman".

Water tube boiler, 90 psi working pressure, feed by axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in tender. Three cylinders with slide valves, outside actuated by Walschaert's valve gear with pole reverser in cab, inner valve by Gresley-Holcroft gear. Mechanical lubricator.

A nicely made engine, fitting three cylinders into a 2 1/2 inch gauge model was an ambitious proposition which paid off handsomely - apart from looking right, the Gresley-Holcroft gear is technically interesting and the engine runs with the highly characteristic "six beats to the bar" you get with these models in any gauge. Fit of the working parts is particularly good, it runs very quietly.

In the past the boiler appears to have been spirit fired, although there is currently no burner of any type fitted - I ran it on a small propane torch in the workshop - there's a clip of it running here.

Complete with a well-made carrying crate - I can't imagine it would spend much of it's time in the box, we currently keep it on the hall table where it looks very handsome.

Locomotive 24 inches
Tender 13 inches

gauge 2 1/2 inch