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2 1/2 inch gauge "Ayesha" - stock code 4378

A well made 2 1/2 inch gauge Atlantic, built to the design drawn up in recent years from LBSC's original "Ayesha", of "Battle of the Boilers" fame when he locked horns both in print and at exhibitions with Bassett-Lowke, each claiming their own type of boiler (spirit-fired water tube from Bassett-Lowke, coal-fired water tube from LBSC).

Silver soldered boiler fed by an axle pump, gunmetal cylinders with slide valves actuated by slip eccentrics. All machining is very crisply executed, fit of the motion work is good.

The engine is largely complete although never steamed. It looks handsome as it is (indeed, it got past the domestic authorities and currently resides on a windowsill in the house) although really needs pulling apart completely and painting, with the potential to produce a very fine looking locomotive.

gauge 2 1/2 inch