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15 inch gauge Uerdingen Waggon-Fabrik coach - stock code 6094


A beautifully restored 15 inch gauge bogie coach by Uerdingen Waggon-Fabrik AG. Works number 11790, it is one of a set of thirty built in 1937 for the Reichsausstellung Schaffendes Volk Exhition held in Dusseldorf that year. It's been stripped and rebuilt from the ground up, preserving as much historic material as possible, whilst sympathetically updating it to be practical for commercial use.

The chassis has been shot-blasted and refurbished, after which it was finished in gloss black with Craftmaster Union Green applied to the bodywork. The floor was replaced with new, treated timber finished in Craftmaster anti-slip paint, with new tread bars cast to the original pattern. Wheels and brake blocks have been reprofiled.

The original teak bodywork has been preserved as far as possible, new curved end panels have been made. The original chain protection across the door apertures was considered unsuitable by modern safety standards, a set of replacement lattice doors have been fitted providing a high degree of protection from passengers falling out, while at the same time looking entirely plausible for the period.

The original air brake system has been overhauled and carefully modified to use modern components in places where ease of replacement in service is important.

There is a removable canvas awning mounted on a tubular steel frame, to provide either a sun shade or light rain protection.

I think this is a superb restoration of an immensely stylish vehicle, going back to the great days of 15 inch gauge miniature railways in the 1930s. If our hall was but a little longer, I'm sure in time Mrs P would let me have it standing there simply to admire!

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