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15 inch gauge 2-6-2T "St Christopher" - stock code 4221

Completed in November 2001 by the Exmoor Steam Railway for a private owner, "St Christopher" has spent its life at the Windmill Farm Railway, where it ran regularly along with the ex-Fairbourne Railway "Sian".

Steel boiler with expanded steel tubes, working pressure 150psi, feed by twin injectors. Blowdown valve situated on throatplate, exiting to the offside below the water tank. Twin Nabic pop-type safety valves.

Cast iron cylinders with slide valves actuated by Walschaert's gear with pole reverser in cab. Mechanical drain cocks, rod-operated from cab. Manzel mechanical lubricator, remote oilers for piston and valve spindles. Motion work is robustly proportioned and supplied with grease nipples throughout (in fact they seem to put grease nipples on just about everything, including the regulator pivot).

Exmoor have a mighty reputation for building this type of engine - they are robustly constructed and well proportioned. I admire the engineering that goes into them, the designs are well thought out and easy to maintain - several of the ideas I first saw in "St Christopher" influenced me when laying out the design for "Stafford".

The engine has recently had its ten year inspection, including hydraulic test, it has a new boiler certificate valid through to June 2011.

Length 134 inches
Width 44 inches
Height 65 inches
Weight approx 4 tons

gauge 15 inch gauge & larger