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1 inch scale traction engine "Minnie" - stock code 2155

An ancient specimen of Len Mason's "Minnie" design for a 1 inch scale agricultural traction engine. Quite nicely made in the first place, the engine has had a rather unfortunate tar-brush repaint at some stage. The brightwork is either tarnished or painted in varying degrees, the pressure gauge markings have faded to oblivion and the steering chains have ben repaired in the past but really need a link soldering in and re-threading on their bobbin. The top of the mechnical lubricator is missing, which will cost you around half a square inch of brass.

"Minnie" is a freelance design, although reminiscent of the early twentieth century designs from Burrell and Allchin. Copper coal-fired boiler fed by crankshaft-driven water-pump with bypass valve, twin Salter safety valves. Water gauge with blowdown. Working pressure 50 psi. Single cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's valve gear with mechanical lubricator. Two-speed transmission by gears, winch mounted behind nearside rear wheel, band-brake acting on rear axle behind offside wheel.

On the plus side, the engine turns over freely and will run on air. The motionwork is little worn and the gears are in good order. As a restoration project, it would clean up and repaint into a very attractive little engine.

Weight approx 30 pounds

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller