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1 1/2 inch scale Burrell SCC "Devonshire" traction engine - stock code 5373

I've had a couple of these as complete, running engines in the past but never seen a part-built one - so didn't know who produced the design. Courtesy of the set of blueprints that came in with this one, we now know it was "A.J.Every - Engineer & specialist in miniature traction engines since 1931".

An unusual 1 1/2 inch scale model of a Burrell "Devonshire" single crank compound traction engine. Somebody has made a decent start with copper boiler, machined cylinder block, wheels and a well-made tender. Flywheel has been machined, there are a set of eccentric sheaves and others odds & sods.

Overall condition is good, if grubby - one stub axle on the front axle is slightly bent.

If you want to see the finished article, there are pictures in the archive of one I sold back in 2006.

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