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1 1/2 inch scale Alfred Dodman compound marine engine - stock code 6954

I'm aware that, as regular readers will know, I've often asserted that museum quality engines are all in museums (despite what is claimed on eBay). I think that's probably still pretty much the case but, if ever an engine caused me to reconsider my opinion, it's this one. I won't dilate at length on it, there are several dozen pictures below which show the standard of finish and detailing achieved - suffice to say I've neither owned nor, I think, seen a finer example of a stationary engine modelled.

Built to works drawings, this is a one eighth scale model of an Alfred Dodman 13 x 27 x 18 compound marine engine of 1910, complete with barring gear (including ratchet wrench), condenser and air pumps. Highly detailed thoughout, fit and finish is to exhibition standard with highly burnished bright work, locking nuts and split pins everywhere down to the tiniest size imaginable. The whole thing is housed in a custom made case, glazed in toughened glass with hidden screws securing the top to the base.

Currently looking magnificent in our dining room at home.

Engine 13 inches high
Base 15 inches square
Height to top of case 18 inches