Stock code 1995
Stuart Turner Mk814 steam generator
Sold Sep 2003

Now this is my kind of machine!

During the war, Alco put together a portable steam-powered generating set designed to be parachute-dropped behind the lines allowing forces on the ground to recharge their radio batteries. Comprising a portable boiler connected to the 1930's-designed Stuart Turner Sirius engine, many were made and, reputedly, deployed. They're somewhat scarce now, although we did have one in last year.

Following on from the success of the little "Firefly" set, a larger, purpose-designed unit was built. Stuart Turner supplied a single cylinder, piston valve engine with the generator end-plates cast in to the crankcase. This sat in a cradle coupled to the 6 volt generator and included a variable stroke boiler feed pump.

The boiler came in three parts: grate, firebox and horizontal cast-aluminium barrel. The chimney was again in three parts, telescoping together for transit. When erected, the top of the chimney stands nearly six feet from the floor. The boiler is coupled to the engine with colour-coded pipes for steam and exhaust, there is another pipe terminating in a perforated rose designed to be thrown into the nearest stream for feed water. Working pressure is 60 psi. There is a very heavy-duty water gauge, complete with a new spare glass which looks bullet-proof!

The whole plot is contained in a fitted crate, with everything securely battened down to survive dropping out of an aeroplane.

We believe that 400 of these units were made, with 200 disposed of by the military on the surplus market after the war - the rest are probably still in strategic reserve and will be issued to key personnel in the next one. This unit appears unused other than perhaps a test firing when new. The crate still contains a pristine handbook - with comprehensive instructions on setting up the generator - and two tins of oil.

We can deliver this worldwide during the hours of darkness by Dakota. Please bury the parachute on receipt.

Weight (crated) approx 100 pounds
Crate dimensions 28 x 15 x 15 inches