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Wheels, boiler kit and professionally machined parts for 4 inch scale Foster - stock code 7303

One of two kits of parts we have for the popular 4 inch scale Foster agricultural engine design by Live Steam Models. Started some years ago as background work for a precision engineering company when their workshop was quiet - obviously the business was never quite quiet enough, on the retirement of the owner at the end of last year this was how far they had got.

Work to date is, as might be imagined, to a high standard. There is a set of profile, formed and machined boiler plates including barrel, complete with material certification and a well made set of wheels, along with a large quantity of machined parts, as shown below.

These were delivered to us split into two sets. There are possibly one or two parts duplicated in one and missing from the other, in which case we'll swap them over - if you see too many crankshafts or not enough wheels in the pictures below, check out the other one to see if they're there!

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