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Vulcan beam engine - stock code 8129

A beam engine to Edgar Westbury's elegant "Vulcan" design, first published in "Model Engineer" magazine - the drawings and castings are still available from Reeves.

An older engine, we're not sure if it's ever been run on steam - it's currently mounted on a base with electric motor set up to friction drive the flywheel.

The engine itself turns over freely, however the motor didn't show any signs of life during our comprehensive test procedure ("plug in, switch on, nothing happens - hmm, doesn't work..."). One of our electrical savvy readers may feel qualified to fix it, we're more hopeful that somebody will convert it to run on steam as intended.

Either way, it will be supplied without mains wiring - before use or attempting to fix it, it will need checking by an electrician.
length/inches 19
width/inches 13
height/inches 17.5