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Unimat lathe with milling attachment - stock code 2527

Although this isn't the actual one, number one son Sam learned on one of these before booting me off the Chipmaster. Built in the days when Unimat still thought metal lathes were a better idea than plastic ones, these make excellent little machine to teach young lads on - in addition they're quite handy for little jobs in the big workshop (his tended to get used for shortening and polishing screws when he wasn't looking).

The castings with a large black bar in it is a milling attachment - the entire headstock unbolts and can be mounted vertically, which gives a little drill/mill arrangement (although I always found the big flycutter slipped in the chuck when trueing up Landrover cylinder heads).

Complete with the original instruction book and Laidlaw-Dickson's "Book of the Unimat".