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The 7 1/4 inch gauge KLR miniature railway - track, turnouts, bridge - stock code 7448


The last remains of the late Eric Walker's legendary Kirton Light Railway, the 7 1/4 inch gauge layout he constructed on challenging terrain in his back garden (he should really have been thinking about a rack railway) and on which ran all of the seventeen locomotives he built. All this from a man who started on railways when he was 70, turning out an engine every few months until the end. I've enjoyed many visits to the railway over the years - Eric and his wife invariably extended a warm welcome, there was always tea and interesting conversation.

Ever the original thinker, Eric built moulds and cast his own concrete sleepers. Not just for this railway, many hundreds have gone elsewhere in the country - the last time I spoke to him a chap had recently turned up and taken a lorry load away. Similarly his turnouts, fabricated from bar stock, are robust and reliable - again, he'd made many sets for other people over the years.

The railway is now somewhat overgrown, however the rail underneath is in remarkably good condition. It extends to roughly 150 yards of track laid largely on concrete sleepers with steel rail. There are nine or ten turnouts, a diamond crossing which may or may not be possible to get out and a bridge over one corner of the pond. Buyer to lift and take away, you can take as much as is practical to remove, although the turnouts alone would make it worth travelling to fetch.