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Stephens & Kenau 1:96 scale HMS Victory - stock code 6974

This is a professionally built 1:96 scale model of the "Victory", by Stephens & Kenau, The Model Shipyard, South Africa. They produce very fine, highly detailed ship models for museums and collectors worldwide - they have an excellent website here which shows you exactly how they research and build the models.

This is number 0149 on their register, a finely-detailed, exhibition quality model of Nelson's flagship "Victory". For further information I can do no better than refer you to their website, which gives a great deal of detail about both the original ship and the techniques and materials used to create it.

The ship has been on display (and much admired) in our library until recently, when the arrival of a much larger model has created something of a shortage of space.

Current new price is $6138 - a little over 4300. I would consider an exchange with Brunel's steam ship "Great Eastern" by the same builders in the same condition - no other models I'm afraid, and any exchange would have to be as-new, the same as this one.

Complete with acrylic glazed case. Whilst The Model Shipyard seem able to send both ships and cases all around the world without damage, I'm afraid this one is either collect or van delivery - I can't face trying to build a crate for it!