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Steel-boilered electric light engine - stock code 3387

An interesting project, mating together an old horizontal engine (which I'm sure is a nineteenth century "real" engine rather than a model) with a well-constructed boiler, then mounting the whole plot on wheels and providing it with a chimney, canopy and dynamo in a reconstruction of the "electric light engines" built for providing fairground lighting in the late nineteenth century.

The engine is well-made and turns over very smoothly, ribbed cast iron cylinder with double guide bars and fish-bellied connecting rod. The valve eccentric sheave, strap and rod are all missing. It has been mounted on an adaptor plate which bolts to the top of the boiler.

The boiler is coal-fired, of steel construction with expanded tubes, working pressure 80psi. It has had a satisfactory twice working pressure hydraulic test and a new certificate issued - it needs a new water gauge glass and a pressure gauge, it is otherwise in good condition.

There is a dynamo fitted, there is another dynamo with the engine, along with chimney, canopy and a selection of drive belts.

Length 29 inches
Bore approx 2 inch
Stroke 2 1/2 inch
Weight approx 1 cwt