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Oil-filled "Motogear" 25:1 gearbox - stock code 1496

Very robust "Motogear" oil-filled 25:1 reduction gearbox, ideal for an engine building stand.

Input shaft 5/8 inch diameter
Output shaft 3/4 inch diameter

Historical connection: did you know that the Motor Gear and Engineering Co Ltd built two 9 1/2 inch gauge Pacifics, "Prince" and "Princess" in 1947, copies of the famous pre-war engines built by H.C.S.Bullock? "Princess" was at Bressingham when I was in short trousers but was later sold when the railway was re-gauged to 10 1/4 inch (and, if you know your way around this website, you might just find a more recent picture of one of the MG&E engines).