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"Murray Scientific Instruments Ltd" dead weight gauge tester - stock code 6034

A dead-weight pressure gauge tested by Murray Scientific Instruments, in good order and complete with all weights in a wooden case.

I must admit I'm torn about this one. We've got a modern dead weight tester in the workshop we use for calibrating our master test gauges - it works fine, but is nothing like as elegant (nor, indeed portable - it's got a separate box of weights which is as much as I can do to lift). This one has sat on the shelf since it arrived while I've agonized over whether to keep it or the newer one. But now the decision's made - I don't need two, this one has to go. Unless you'd prefer the newer one that doesn't look as nice...

Nearly forgot, it will test gauges up to 300psi.

length/inches 40
width/inches 20
height/inches 18
weight/kg 23