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Dismantled 5 inch gauge GWR 43XX Mogul - stock code 6788

A 5 inch gauge Great Western 43XX Mogul, Churchward's handsome design for a mixed traffic engine, built throughout the twenties and thirties. The design tends to be passed over in model form - partly I suspect because of the popularity and proven performance of Evans' "Torquay Manor".

This one is an older build, of workmanlike construction although with little finesse to finish and none whatsoever to paintwork. At some stage in the past it has been pulled apart and loosely reassembled - we think that most of it is here, dismantling doesn't seem to have got as far as the chassis which remains in one piece and pushes along freely enough. Boiler retains most of its fittings, which appear in the past to have been fitted with the contents of an entire tube of red Hermetite.

A complete restoration job - at this point it really wants stripping completely apart and starting from the bottom up - with the potential to make an attractive engine.

Locomotive 34 inches
Tender 27 inches

gauge 5 inch