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Box of fittings, injectors, gauges, hand pumps - stock code 9614

A large box of fittings including injectors, pumps, gauges and various other odds and sods. At a quick count up, we reckon the box contains - roughly:

  • 30+ pressure gauges from 1/2 inch to 3 inch
  • 30+ safety valves, various sizes
  • 40+ injectors, horizontal and vertical
  • handful of clack valves
  • 3 hand pumps
  • 3 whistles
  • 1 vacuum brake valve

None tested, most appear complete although some injectors missing cones, there are a few other miscellaneous fittings not listed above if you look closely enough.

Ideal for setting up a workshop, sharing with friends or, no doubt, enough to keep some entrepreneurial soul busy for a month listing it all on eBay...