SRS Blog > Boiler inspector visits, more digging on the garden railway

Published 20th January 2005

It's all hands to the pumps this week, Ian the boiler inspector is coming up on Sunday to live here for a while until he can clear the backlog of boiler testing on engines that have come in recently. He's from the deep South, in Hampshire, so we'll have to keep him wrapped up warm and out of the Fen winds. I'm busy blanking off and pumping up engines this week in preparation so that we can get a flying start Monday morning, until we're finished you may get an answer machine if you call next week!

I'm planning to carry on levelling and digging for the next week or two on the railway, after which the track foundation will be rolled in prior to putting the track down and ballasting.


 I'm happy enough digging and rolling stone, the expert is coming up to actually lay the track (provided he can find a day free from building his own new railway).