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IC engines

Westbury "Wyvern" open crank engine
Alyn Foundry "RLE" engine
Alyn Foundry Retlas gas engine
Red Wing open crank engine
Ruston & Hornsby 9PB 4 1/2hp engine with Electromotor motor
Wolseley WD8 engine with 24V dynamo & lighting board
Amanco 1 1/2 hp air-cooled open crank engine
Alco generating set
"Mastiff" flat four side valve engine
Westbury Centaur 60cc open crank engine
Small OHV IC engine for restoration
Small OHV IC engine
Part-built twin cylinder IC engine
Small OHV IC engine
Scratch-built vintage single cylinder IC engine
Quarter scale De Havilland Gysy Mk1 engine
"Little Wonder" open crank engine
Westbury "Centaur" with dynamo
Bengs 4-stroke "Karl" hit & miss engine
Small model open crank IOE engine
Model aircraft diesel engine
Water-cooled hit & miss engine
Freelance V-twin IC engine
Open crank hopper-cooled hit & miss engine