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Stationary engines

Stuart steam hammer
Stuart S50 coal-fired plant
Wooden Double Tangye engine
Stuart Sirius steam plant
Stuart 814 boiler and engine
Part-built Stuart beam engine
Part-built Stuart S50 mill engine
Stationary table engine
Sleeve valve engine
part-built Stuart Double Ten engine
Compound launch engine
Horizontal engine, 5A cylinder, Hackworth reversing gear
Horizontal engine, 5A cylinder, Stephenson's reversing gear
Part-built Stuart 5A, missing flywheel
Stuart 5A on No.1 trunk guides
Stuart 500 plant with S50 and dynamo
Vertical uniflow steam engine
Grasshopper beam engine
2 inch scale Shand Mason fire engine
Clarkson compound launch engine
Modified Stuart 10H with feed pump
Model vertical engine with boiler
Stuart Turner Sirius
York-Bolton steam plant