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Stationary engines

Stuart 504 boiler with beam engine, water tank and hand pump
Compound twin engine with displacement lubricator
"Swan Double Two" marine engine
Scratch-built horizontal mill engine
Sanderson beam engine
Grasshopper beam engine
"Wenceslas" horizontal twin steam plant
Pearn steam pump
Vintage horizontal engine on later base
Single cylinder oscillating engine
Stuart "Victoria" mill engine with dynamo
Six pillar beam engine
Set part-machined Stuart No.9 mill engine & feed pump castings
Hemmens Richmond twin cylinder engine with Wharfedale boiler
Stuart Turner No.9 mill engine with governor and feed pump
Italo Svizzera portable engine
Semi-portable engine
Cheddar Pegasus marine steam plant
Stuart Double Ten vertical engine for restoration
Clayton & Shuttleworth 12nhp portable engine
Old horizontal engine with reversing gear
Merryweather C type fire pump
1915 Marshall 16nhp twin cylinder portable engine
Drysdale vertical engine with reversing gear