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Stationary engines

Stuart Twin Victoria mill engine
Cross engine
Part-built Stuart Turner 5A vertical engine
Stuart Turner Double Ten engine
"ME" Beam engine
Easton & Amos grasshopper beam engine
Stuart twin launch with reversing gear
Westbury diagonal paddle engine
Stuart factory-machined Twin Victoria mill engine
Ruston Proctor 2nhp vertical engine
Horizontal twin mill engine with reversing gear
Vintage horizontal engine
Vintage horizontal mill engine with mechanical lubricator
Horizontal mill engine with wood lagged cylinder
Freelance single cylinder mill engine
Antique brass horizontal mill engine
Small high speed twin cylinder marine engine
Set of six stationary engines on base board
Reeves "Borderer"
Cotswold Heritage "Gryphon" gas-fired steam plant
V-twin and single cylinder stationary engines
1 inch scale Sanderson beam engine
Small scratch-built horizontal mill engine
Vertical twin engine with marine flywheel