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5 inch gauge London, Chatham & Dover Railway 2-4-0 "Asia" - stock code 7227

We sold this one back in June 2015 - it had been up at the house for some time before an urgent need to buy a 7 1/4 inch gauge 9F meant this one and a rather fine "Lion" which had been gracing the dining room had to go. It's just come back in part exchange for something equally nice in 7 1/4 inch gauge - it remains in exactly the same condition, it has not been steamed since it was last here. Pictures and words below from 2015.

An exceptionally well built 5 inch gauge "Europa" class 2-4-0 "Asia". The original engines were designed by William Martley for the London, Chatham and Dover Railway in 1873 - six were built in total by Sharp Stewart, including the four named engines "Asia", "Africa", "America" and "Europe". All were scrapped by 1910, by that time the LC&DR had been amalgamated into the South Eastern & Chatham Railway.

The work of a highly experienced engineer responsible, amongst other things, for the fine 7 1/4 inch gauge "Koppel" we've recently sold and magnificent Standard Class 2 in the same gauge, standard of workmanship is excellent throughout.

Silver soldered copper boiler with superheaters, 80psi working pressure, feed by injector with auxiliary hand pump in the tender. Stainless steel grate. Gunmetal cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear with screw reverser in cab. The engine is fitted for vacuum brakes.

This engine hasn't been run in many years, it has spent much of its life in a pair of custom built crates. In first class order throughout, an engine that looks just as good on display in a house (mine, at the moment, since you ask) as on the track.

gauge 5 inch